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Free audiobook platform.

A set of rules or instructions designed to perform a task or solve a problem, used in computing and programming to address needs.

Analytical skills
Ability to analyse information useful for sound decision making.

Most widely used operating system on mobiles and tablets.

Software designed to detect, prevent and remove malware, such as viruses or spyware.

Application or APP
A group of instructions that allows the smartphone or tablet to perform a specific task. An example of an app is WhatsApp or the camera.

Application permissions
Authorisations that an application requests from the user to access certain functions or data on the device. This may include access to the camera, contacts, location, microphone, storage and more.

A person's ability to perform a specific task or activity.

Arroba @
Symbol used in email addresses and social networks. In emails, it is placed between the user's name and the company or email service (e.g. tunombre@gmail.com or nombre@instagram.com). In social networks and online platforms, it is used to mention or tag other users (e.g. @user).

Artificial Intelligence or AI
Development of machines that can think and learn like humans.

It refers to the way a person feels, thinks and behaves in different situations.

Audio book, which you can listen to instead of reading.

Technological tool that automatically corrects spelling mistakes as the user types. It detects possible errors based on a dictionary integrated into the programme and corrects misspelled words. Its use makes writing easier.

The process by which a person acquires knowledge and skills on his or her own, without the guidance of an instructor or an educational programme.

An avatar is a graphic representation of a person in the digital world. It can be an image, a drawing or any other element that represents the person in games, social networks or forums.

It is a mobile payment service that allows you to transfer money instantly between bank accounts via your mobile phone.

A blog is a website where one person or a group of people regularly publishes content, such as articles, comments or reflections. Blogs often allow the reader to participate through comments.

A person who creates or publishes a blog. It is also the name of a free Google blogging platform.

Technology that allows devices such as headphones or speakers to be connected wirelessly over short distances.

A typeface characterised by being thicker and darker than the original typeface. It is often used to highlight words.

A tool for searching the Internet. Generally, you type in what you want to find and the search engine offers results in the form of web pages, images or videos, for example. The most commonly used is the Google search engine.

Browser extension
An extension is also known as an add-on or small programmes that are installed on the browser (such as Google Chrome, Internet explorer, Firefox) and add or improve its functions.

Platform for creating visual content such as presentations, images or text documents.

In a spreadsheet, the space where a row intersects a column. Each cell or box can contain data, such as numbers, text or formulas.

Any symbol that is used for writing on electronic devices. This includes letters, numbers, punctuation marks and other symbols such as @, #, or &. Each of these symbols is a character.

A form of online communication that allows users to send and receive messages in real time.

Disorder involving excessive and problematic use of digital technologies, such as the Internet, online games and social networks.

Personal space on the Internet where files are stored and used, among other services, without having to have that space available on the computer. The most popular are: Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

Have dedication and responsibility (ability to be "accountable" for results achieved) for the company's tasks and goals, or for personal goals.

Communication skills
Person who is open, friendly with people, easy to express ideas and understand others.

A set of knowledge, attitudes and skills that enable a given task to be carried out effectively.

An electronic device that is programmed for different uses. It is used to organise and store information, create documents, among many other functions. It can be desktop or portable. It can have an Internet connection or work without an Internet connection. Computer is also called computer, computer or pc in other parts of the world.

Ability to pay determined attention to something, person, situation for a long time.

The ability of devices or networks to communicate and share files with each other. It can be wired or wireless, such as Wifi or Bluetooth.

Conflict management
Ability to resolve arguments, confrontations and problems in a peaceful, neutral and conscientious manner for all parties involved.

People you have identified and saved on your device or account. For example, your family or friends.

Continued Education
In the professional sphere, it refers to the constant updating and acquisition of new skills and knowledge related to a person's field of work.

Small files that websites store on your computer or mobile phone. These files help websites to remember the user's information and preferences for the next visit.

A type of legal protection given to creators of original works, such as books, music, films and software. This means that others cannot copy, distribute or modify the work without the author's permission.

Creative Commons License
Type of permission that authors of works such as photos, music or texts give so that others can use them.

Curriculum (CV)
A document that summarises a person's work experience, educational background, skills and professional achievements.

Bullying or harassment through digital media such as social media, emails, text messages and websites. It is harmful and illegal behaviour.

Data base servers
Computer or computer program that stores organised sets of data and allows other devices to access them.

Data Protection Act
A set of rules that protect individuals' information, establishing the use and processing that can be made of the data.

Desktop computer
Classic computer, to which the screen, keyboard, mouse or speakers, among other elements, are connected. It needs to be plugged in, so it is a device that is made to be kept in a fixed place.

Details attention
Carefully observe and take care of any element or factor that is important to achieve a higher quality of work.

Digital art
Art that uses digital technology for the creation and/or presentation of a work, such as a drawing or a video.

Digital desconection
A practice that seeks a balance between online and offline life (physical and digital activities), reducing or limiting the use of digital devices and technology.

Digital Health
Impact of the use of electronic devices on a person's physical and mental well-being.

Digital ID
It is the presence and image of a person on the Internet. It includes their profiles on social networks, applications, etc.

Extension that marks a file as a text document that may be accompanied by images and is usually a file that can be modified.

Download files
Downloading files is downloading or saving files from the Internet to the device.

Free digital loan platform for films and series, similar to a virtual library for audiovisual content.

Electronic device
A device that uses electricity to store and send information. For example, mobile phones, computers and tablets are electronic devices.

Also called email. It is used to send and receive messages, similar to letters, quickly using the Internet. The best known email service is Gmail.

Email server
Computer or computer program that stores e-mail data and is the one that allows receiving, processing and sending e-mails. The most famous are Gmail and Outlook.

A person's ability to get and keep a job.

Microsoft spreadsheet.

A set of letters at the end of a file name that indicates the type of file it is. For example, .PDF, .DOC. OR .JPG.

External storage
Refers to a place outside a device where files are stored in electronic format. These are usually other devices such as a pen drive and the external hard drive which has more capacity to store information.

Face ID
Screen unlocking method. Through the camera, the device recognises the user's face.

One of the most widely used social networks in the world.

Fake news
False or misleading news presented as if it were real.

A set of data stored on a computer, mobile phone or storage device. It can be a document, a photo, a video, a programme, or any other type of digital information. Files are saved with a name and an extension (such as .docx, .jpg, .mp3) that indicates their type.

Files serves
A computer or computer program that stores files and information on a local network of computers that may or may not be connected to the Internet.

Fingerprint lock
A form of screen unlocking that uses the user's fingerprint as a password. It can be put on devices that have a built-in fingerprint reader.

A capacity that can be trained and allows you to adapt to changes and learn new skills.

It is a place where digital files, such as documents, photos or music, are stored and organised. It works like a physical folder where papers are stored, but in digital form. It helps to keep files tidy and easy to find.

Design or typeface. The most commonly used are Arial, Times New Roman and Calibri.

Application where photos and images downloaded from the internet are stored.

Technology that identifies the exact location of an electronic device

Free email service provided by Google. Gmail accounts have a unique email address, ending in "@gmail.com".

Google browser
It is an Internet service of the Google company that allows you to search for information, images, videos and web pages. It is known for its speed and accuracy in search results. It can be accessed from any browser.

Google Calendar
Free online calendar from Google. Allows you to schedule events such as birthdays, holidays or appointments.

Google Chrome
Browser of the Google company. It stands out for its speed and its integration with Google services. It is compatible with computers, mobile phones and tablets.

Google Docs
Free tool from Google that allows you to create, edit and share text documents.

Google Drive
Free storage service from Google that allows you to save files and access them from any device with an Internet connection.

Google Files
It is a Google application for Android devices that helps to organise files such as documents, images and videos by folders.

Google Maps
A free Google tool that allows users to view maps of cities and countries, find directions for travelling from one place to another, and search for specific places such as shops and restaurants.

Google Meet
Free Google video call service.

Google Sheets
Free Google spreadsheet.

Google Slides
Free tool from Google for creating, editing and sharing presentations using slides. Can contain text, image and sound.

An offence in which an adult contacts and manipulates a minor via the Internet for sexual purposes.

Person with advanced computer and programming skills.

Hardware is the physical parts of an electronic device that can be touched. Examples include the screen, keyboard, mouse, speakers or printer.

It is a word or series of words that have a hashtag with this symbol # before them, which in Spanish means "tag" and is used to organise, classify or group publications according to a topic or content. Hashtags # are a communication tool that makes it easier to find and exchange words or information used in texts, videos, audios, images and are often used in social networks such as X, Instagram, Faceboock.

An audio device, external to the computer or tablet, used to listen to music or other sounds.

Perform tasks in the shortest possible time, with results that are good and useful.

Internet security protocol. It works like a lock, protecting the information you give and receive. It is one of the key elements for a secure search.

A code that identifies a bank account internationally and facilitates money transfers between countries and banks.

Identity theft
Obtaining and using personal data or an image of a person, in order to impersonate that person without his or her consent.

Social network dedicated to viewing and sharing photos and videos.

Intern storage
Available space on a device to store files and data.

A large network that links electronic devices from all over the world. Thanks to the Internet it is possible to access information, communicate, watch content such as videos and music, make purchases, and much more.

A typeface characterised by being slanted to the right. It is often used to highlight words.

Free podcast and radio platform.

Job portal
Online platform aimed at job search. These portals usually include job listings and allow you to create profiles, upload CVs and apply for jobs directly.

Image file type.

Device external to the computer or tablet used for writing.

Words or phrases that a user types into an internet search engine that help to find a definition, object or service in a document or web page. For example the keyword: "mountain running shoe" can help me find the best shoes for running in the mountains.

Small and light computer that you can easily carry from one place to another. It has a screen and a keyboard, and thanks to the battery it can be used without a plug.

The ability to identify and meet the needs of a group in a timely manner. Ability to lead others, to create situations that help to have a high motivation so that each person feels like a leader and is able to make decisions to achieve objectives.

Permission granted by the copyright holder to use, distribute or modify his or her work without payment. The best known is Creative Commons

The period of time for which an object, thing, or electronic device has been created and functions perfectly, before it is expected to deteriorate or need to be replaced. Normally the useful life is calculated in hours of duration.

A way of expressing approval or liking of a post or content on social media, indicating that you find it interesting or enjoy a piece of content. It is usually represented by a heart or thumbs-up symbol.

An element on a web page that, when clicked, redirects to another page or section within the same page. It is usually distinguished by having a different colour to the rest of the text or a button to click.

A system that determines, using GPS technology, where something or someone is located. It is used, for example, in the Google Maps tool.

Locked screen
A setting used to prevent others from accessing a device without permission. A code, password or fingerprint is used for this purpose.

Malicious software designed to damage or affect devices without the user's permission. Its purpose may be to cause damage, steal information or spy.

Device external to the computer or tablet to record sounds or voices.

It offers a wide range of tools and software, including the Windows operating system, used on most computers, and Microsoft Office, which includes applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Microsoft Edge
Browser from Microsoft. It stands out for its good integration with Windows. It is compatible with computers, mobile phones and tablets.

Mobile Data
Service offered by telephone companies to access the Internet from a mobile phone or tablet without the need for a WiFi connection. It is specific to mobile or tablet, because it depends on a sim or mobile card and the mobile line operator.

Tool used to operate the desktop computer. It has two buttons (left and right) and a wheel in the centre. It can be wired or wireless.

Mozilla Firefox
Browser developed by Mozilla. It stands out for its focus on user customisation. It is compatible with computers, mobile phones and tablets.

This is the most common file type of an audio file.

This is the most common file type of a video file.

A set of basic rules that enable healthy and respectful coexistence on the Internet.

New tecnologies
It refers to recent developments in different technological areas, such as computer science or artificial intelligence

Technology that enables wireless communication over short distances between devices. It works by bringing two compatible devices close together, as in contactless payments with a mobile phone.

A notification or alert that appears on the device's screen to report something new, such as a new message received, an email, or the completion of a file download.

Official page
Main website of a company, organisation or public person. For example, the official website of a newspaper.

Official source
Information from a public body. + example

It means not being "online" or connected to the Internet.

It means being "online", connected to the Internet or performing activities via the Internet.

Online Bank
Online version of banking institutions. Allows users to manage their accounts, make transfers, pay bills and access other financial services from their devices.

Online search
The process of searching for information on the Internet. The most commonly used is the Google search engine.

Online training
Learning done over the Internet, so it can be done from any device and any place. It can refer to courses, workshops, programmes and professional training.

Maintain order in both workspace, task completion and time management with a commitment to achieving the desired goals.

Organizational skills
A person who is good at setting goals, planning tasks, managing time, working under pressure, communicating well with others, with self-motivation skills and maintaining a tidy space.

Orientación al Cliente
Have a willingness to identify and meet customer needs.

Parental control
Security function that allows restricting or limiting the access of other people to certain content or functions on a device, such as access to certain applications, games, series, films, books or websites. Parental controls were created to allow parents to block certain areas on their devices (computers, mobiles or tablets) that are not suitable for minors and prevent them from accessing them.

A code that includes numbers, letters or symbols created by the user to protect access to their personal information on electronic devices or internet accounts.

Paswords generator
It is a tool that creates strong passwords at random. These passwords are usually a complex combination of letters, numbers and symbols, designed to be difficult to guess.

A form of screen unlocking that involves creating a pattern by connecting the dots on the screen. Each person chooses their own unique pattern or drawing, which helps prevent unauthorised access to the device.

A widely used file type that allows the combination of text and image. This is the file type used in e-government.

Device external to the computer or tablet that can be connected to another device.

Artificial Intelligence tool that allows you to have a conversation, ask questions and generate text. Another similar tool is Chat GPT.

A deception technique used on the Internet to obtain someone's confidential information, such as passwords or credit card numbers. The objective is identity theft or money theft.

Screen unlocking by means of a 4-digit code, similar to that of a bank card.

Planned obsolescence
It is a conscious decision by the manufacturer of a product so that the product has a pre-determined useful life and, after that time, loses its quality, functionality and usefulness, forcing the consumer to replace it with a new one.

A platform is a digital space that offers one or more services or types of content, often focused on a specific thematic or functional area, such as Spotify for music or YouTube for videos.

Play Store
Application for downloading applications to mobiles and tablets.

Pluto TV
Free live TV and on-demand content platform.

It is a type of image file. It has

Podcasts are like Internet radio programmes, which can be listened to at any time from a computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Positive Attitude
Showing a good disposition towards a person, task or situation, looking on the bright side.

Each of the posts on a social network, blog or other online platform. It can include text, images and videos.

Postal code
A series of numbers or letters given to a specific area that help to find an exact address and facilitate postal delivery. In Spain, postal codes have five numbers, the first two indicate the provinces in alphabetical order (e.g. 01 Alaba, 02 Albacete and so on up to 52 which is Melilla), the final three digits indicate the postal zone.

Mircosoft tool for creating, editing and sharing presentations using slides. Can contain text, image and sound.

Predictive text
Technological tool that predicts what you want to write and suggests or completes words or phrases while the user is writing. This makes typing faster and easier and is often already activated on devices.

Predisposition to continued education
Have a willingness to constantly learn new knowledge and skills.

Device external to the computer or tablet to generate hard copies of digital documents.

Anticipate problems, taking decisions to prevent a difficult situation or resolve it quickly and proactively.

Problems resolution
Ability to gather information, analyse, make decisions and solve difficult or challenging situations.

A group of instructions that allow the computer to do a specific task. An example of a program is the computer's video player. An example of an app is WhatsApp or the camera.

QR code
A type of square-shaped barcode that contains information, such as links to websites, text, images, music or video. It is used by scanning the QR code with a device's camera to access the stored information. It is common, for example, to access the menu in restaurants.

Malware that locks the device. It is often used to demand money in exchange for unlocking the device.

A type of social media posting that allows the creation and sharing of short videos, which can be edited with music and effects. Unlike the story, it does not disappear after 24 hours.

Have a commitment to complete a task on time and be accountable for the results, whether they are good or not so good.

Right to be forgotten
A right that allows individuals to request the deletion of personal information on the Internet, preventing its further sharing.

A device that distributes the Internet connection to different devices in a home or office. It can connect computers, mobile phones, tablets and other devices to the Internet. It works wirelessly (Wifi) or via cables.

Safe search
Safe browsing is about using security tools and prudent surfing practices to reduce the risks of the Internet.

Device external to the computer or tablet used to convert a paper document into a digital document.

A device external to the computer or tablet that displays information from the device as an image or video.

Search bar
Search space on websites and applications that allows you to type in words or phrases to find what you are looking for. For example, the Google search bar.

Security questions
Questions that are asked to verify the identity of a person on the internet or a password-protected website. They are usually used when a password is first set to verify the identity of the user and are also used in case of a forgotten password to change it to a new one. These security questions are considered less secure than a password.

The process of understanding oneself, including one's emotions, thoughts, desires, strengths and weaknesses.

The person, entity or company sending a message or e-mail.

A computer or computer program that is used to store data, organise and share files and information on the internet, such as web pages, email, music, videos, audios and more.

Main tool from which you can configure everything related to your device, such as the font size, the sound or how the screen will be displayed.

Sending sexual messages, images or videos, mainly via mobile phones or the Internet. It is important to note that this in itself is neither a crime nor misbehaviour, as long as both parties agree.

Blackmail or extortion in which a person threatens to publish or share private sexual images, videos or information of another person.

SIM card
A SIM card is a small card that is placed in phones to connect them to a phone company's network for calling, messaging and data use.

Software that mimics the operation of a real software or platform. It is used to experiment, learn or train in a controlled and safe environment. For example, pilots use flight simulators to train before flying real aircraft.

Sistema operativo
The brain of the computer, the main software that allows it to function. The most common are Windows, for computers, and Android for smartphones and tablets.

Each of the pages that make up a presentation. It can contain text, image and sound.

Smart family
A set of electronic devices that can be connected to the Internet and to each other. It includes devices such as smartphones, smart TVs and smartwatches.

Smart TV
Electronic device from the Smart family. It is a television with Internet access, so it allows access to movie or music platforms.

Electronic device of the Smart family. It is the evolution of a telephone that, in addition to being mobile, has Internet access. It works like a small computer and is used by touching the screen.

Electronic device from the Smart family. It is the evolution of a watch that, in addition to telling the time, connects to the mobile phone. This allows it to provide more information, such as the time or the steps you have taken during the day.

Social networks
These are websites and applications that allow people to communicate, share information, photos and videos, and connect with other people. For example, Facebook or Instagram.

Software is the untouchable parts of an electronic device that make it work. Programs and applications are examples of software.

Device external to the computer or tablet audio device for listening to music or other sounds.

Music and podcast platform

A digital tool that organises data into rows and columns, facilitating calculations and analysis.

Malware that is used to spy on the user. It can collect information such as personal data, passwords or pages visited.

A temporary type of photo or video posting on social networks such as Instagram or Facebook, which disappears after a specific period of time, usually 24 hours.

Stress resistance
Remain calm and make decisions under pressure, making negative effects small.

In email, this is the section where you describe in one word or very short sentence what the email is about.

Tabs allow you to have several online searches open at the same time and switch between them quickly.

Portable electronic device with a screen larger than that of a smartphone but smaller than that of a computer. It is operated by touching the screen with the fingers.

The ability to participate, collaborate and work with others to achieve a common goal or objective, without friction between people.

A pre-designed template that is used as a basis for creating documents, web pages, presentations and other types of work. For example, a CV template.

Social network dedicated to watching and sharing short videos.

To block someone
Preventing a person from accessing or contacting another person's profile. It is a security measure to stop harassment on social networks.

To chat
Send and receive messages through a chat.

To click
Pressing the mouse button or touchpad to select or activate something on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

To link
Connect two electronic devices or services. For example, linking a wireless headset to a tablet or linking an email account with an app to receive notifications.

To share files
Giving access to a file to another person.

Touch panel
A flat, touch-sensitive surface found on laptop computers. It is used to operate the computer, similar to the way a mouse is used.

A detailed explanation that explains how to do something, usually broken down into easy-to-follow steps.

Upload files
Uploading means sending or saving files from the device to the Internet.

Exact address of a website. For example: www.google.es

A type of connection mainly used for connecting devices, transferring data or charging batteries.

User account
A personal space on the Internet. For example, an email address, an online banking account or a social network profile.

Call that allows people to hear and see each other at the same time.

Virtual assistance voice
Software that allows you to control electronic devices with your voice. It helps to perform tasks such as searching for information on the Internet, playing music, creating reminders or controlling other smart devices just by speaking to it. Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant are examples of voice assistants.

Virtual card
It is a type of electronic payment card that is loaded with an amount of money to be used for purchases.

Virtual payment method
Online payment methods that allow purchases or money transfers to be made without the need to use cash or physical cards. Virtual payment methods include bizum and the wallet card, for example.

Virtual reality
Technology that creates a digital space that mimics reality. Using special devices such as virtual reality headsets or goggles, people can experience and feel that they are in another place or situation.

Malware that copies itself and spreads between computers or devices.

Voice note
Audio recordings that can be made and sent using an electronic device.

Web server
Computer or computers that are used to store data and share files and information on the Internet related to web pages so that anyone who connects to the Internet can access them.

Free platform to create websites with templates.

Device external to the computer or tablet to record video and capture images and send them to the computer or tablet.

A web page is a document on the Internet that can contain text, images, videos or other elements. They are like pages of a book, but in digital format and available on the Internet.

Messaging application for mobile phones that allows you to send text messages, voice notes, images and videos.

A technology that allows electronic devices, such as computers, mobile phones and tablets, to connect to the Internet without using cables. To connect to a Wi-Fi network, you need to have the network name and password and be near the router.

A type of website that allows anyone to create and modify content, encouraging collaboration to keep information up to date. The best known example of a wiki is Wikipedia.

Free online encyclopaedia where users can create and modify content.

Most widely used operating system on computers.

Microsoft tool for creating and editing text documents.

Online platform where people can watch, upload and share videos.

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